Time to Make a Career Switch? We’re Ready For You.

There are plenty of people in this current economic climate looking for work in industries they may have never considered before. However, before you immediately jump ship into uncharted waters, it is crucial that you move forward with a well-defined plan. 

So, are you rethinking your career-path? Here is some of our best advice.

First off, take some time to look inward. Be serious about considering your personal strengths and weaknesses, and you’ll reap the benefits down the road. Industry aside, a job has so many elements that make it into the job you hate, love or covet. The first step to finding a job you love is analyzing the job you have, or those you’ve had and left in the past.

What do you like about your job? The hours? The people? The culture?

What do you hate about your job? Your boss? Your responsibilities?

The next step is defining what your dream job looks like as best you can on paper. This definition should come pretty quickly after analyzing your current position. Think about elements you’re not willing to compromise on vs. things you might be okay with giving up, assuming your absolutes are met. Knowing the difference between these up front makes decision time much smoother.

When the approach begins, treat the companies and people you’re considering working for the same way you expect to be treated in the workplace. This goes into effect the moment you begin looking into different positions. From the very first time you reach out – recognize that they are evaluating every ounce of your interactions. On the flip side, you should be evaluating their side of each interaction as well. While they’re likely putting their best foot forward, it’s important to try and understand the culture of the company before making a commitment. While you can always read about it on their site, what you get in person/over the phone is much more telling.

There are several industries in this economy that are still hiring applicants in droves and the AV Industry is one of them. As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, there’re more openings in residential AV than people to fill them and the current situation has only accelerated this with people working from home, educating their children at home and Staycationing. 

We can help you along every step of this process, and have integrators looking for candidates all over the country right now. Wondering if you’re qualified? Read more here.


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