Your next AV Career move is to The Hamptons, NY: Here’s Why

Gatsby by day, million-dollar AV systems by different time of day?

Scott Fitzgerald, in one of his most memorable and beautiful lines in The Great Gatsby, described Long Island as “the old island here that flowered once for the Dutch sailor’s eyes—a fresh green breast of the new world.” Located on the South Fork of Long Island, the Hamptons offer soul-stirring sunsets and lucrative fishing opportunities. From striped bass to bluefish, cobia, and flounder, find it all in the Hamptons. This ‘city’ is actually a string of seaside towns and it’s overflowing with opportunity! The Hamptons have long been The Spot for celebrities and affluent New York City residents to retreat to. Some of the richest and most interesting celebrities, entertainers in the world have homes here. Not to mention the leaders of fortune 500s like Goldman Sachs and the wolves of Wall Street. More lavish homes mean extremely interesting and complex AV systems to install! Que your inner Bon Jovi, secure your next AV job, head to the Hamptons and Never Say Goodbye.

What to Do in The Hamptons

The Hamptons are an outdoor enthusiasts paradise. From relaxing drives along Dune Road, hiking in the Quogue Wildlife Refuge, catching surf breaks along the Long Island coast, relaxing with a beer in hand at Cooper’s Beach, and stunning fishing expeditions, there is something for everyone in the area. The amount of angling you can do in the Hamptons is expansive. Cod, seabass, striped bass, tuna, and tautog are just a few of the top catches you can make. Surf, pier, boat, charter, and freshwater fishing are just a few of the top ways to catch what you want. You name it and the Hamptons can provide it. Ready to relax? You’re in the right place if you are working in the Hamptons. The area is home to breathtaking beaches where you can sit back and kick it. If you’ve got a big appetite then you’re also in the right place. Relax with a cold margarita at Coche Comedor and pork rib carnitas on your plate. In need of some classic American dining? Townline BBQ is the spot with 70 plus whiskey options and brisket cooked overnight in an oakwood smoker. Ready for some seafood? Jordan Lobster Farms is a seafood lover’s dream thanks to it’s fish market, clam bar, and old school charm. So throw a bathing suit on, grab a fishing pole. The Hamptons are waiting.

What is the Cost of Living Like in The Hamptons? 

While the upscale bars, restaurants, hotels, stores, and luxurious homes provide endless money making opportunities for AV work, there’s no beating around the bush that the cost of living in the Hamptons is on the higher end. But there are ways to live affordably and still reap the rewards of the AV job opportunities in the area. Keep in mind that the Hamptons are a group of towns on the South Fork of Long Island rather than a single city. So, there are plenty of affordable options if you choose the right neighborhood! The price range of homes is surprisingly broad: while more expensive neighborhoods like Napeague or Montauk average over $1,000 per square foot, others like Riverbed and Hampton Bays have homes for as little as $120 per square foot. If you don’t have a large family, consider renting an apartment for the luxury of short walks into town square without breaking the budget. According to Hamptons real estate broker, Judy Desiderio, recently there have been more options for long-term rentals than might have been previously available due to the pandemic. If you don’t mind a commute, there are many nearby towns on Long Island that are budget friendly such as Great Neck, Patchogue, Riverhead, and Huntington. Riverhead is 20 miles from the Hamptons and has a comparatively comfortable median home cost of $376,800 and an overall cost of living 10.8% lower than Hampton Bays which is one of the least expensive towns in the Hamptons. Living in the Hamptons may be costly, but the AV job opportunities paired with the commuter friendly near towns make it more than possible! 

Are you interested in making a career change or do you want a fresh start in a new city? If the Hamptons seem like the perfect fit for you, we have job opportunities available to you right now. At HD Staffing, finding your next career opportunity is our priority. HD Staffing boasts over 50 years of combined custom electronic integration and construction staffing experience. This experience allows us to better understand the needs of both our client companies and the candidates we work with. Give us a call today at 702-666-8288 or send us an email at to find your next AV job. 

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