Looking for a Job? Custom Integration May be Perfect

Even though trying times like these, the future for the custom integration industry is stronger than ever. This industry has proven that it can quickly adapt to the economic situation, and maintain its growth through periods of uncertainty. Through this lockdown period, in fact, custom integration companies are continuing to operate at high levels, and need more ambitious, tech-savvy employees as assets for their teams.

With the current economic turmoil, it is more important than ever for us to find out what our strengths are, and get into the right places to apply them. This industry is perfect for anybody looking to get back in business after this long wait. It’s a secure, tight-knit industry with opportunities for all. So what characteristics are important for employees to perform their best in the AV industry?

Willingness to Learn: We have plenty of companies looking for employees who don’t require previous AV experience. Their biggest requirement is that the candidates are willing to actively and earnestly learn. This is the first and more important part of any employee’s skill set in this industry. The client’s tastes and the market’s innovations are constantly changing, which means teams need to quickly learn information on a multitude of different devices and techniques. Be ready for change, and be ready to learn! 

Communication Skills: Effective communication between clients, industry partners, and other staff is integral to the completion of these projects. Expect complex, multiple stepped projects as the cornerstone of your day-to-day. Technicians and managers need to be able to communicate problems AND solutions effectively to help execute the project to its fullest potential. It also displays a level of professionalism to the client, steadily increasing their confidence in not only your employees’ skills but your company as a whole.

Technical Aptitude: This could be as simple as working well with consumer goods like TVs, game stations, or other electronics, to laying cable or grounding and wiring outlets. If you find that you’re good with technology, a job in custom integration may be perfect. You certainly don’t need to know everything, as long as you have a willingness to learn on the job.

Time Management Skills: Planning ahead and being able to troubleshoot issues as they arise, is paramount in a successful project. Juggling multiple deadlines and getting each job done on time is a crucial aspect of any AV company’s success. Looking ahead to factor in and forecast issues that will likely come up on various projects is a skill that will go far with your biggest clients. Prioritizing tasks, deadlines and potential issues are critical for any position in your company.

We have companies looking for people just like YOU. You know what you’re capable of, and we can make the right match. 

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