Here’s Why the AV Industry is Your Next Big Career Move

There’s no doubt about it, things change. Unfortunately, that is something we are all having to learn through hard times like these. No one knows what the coming weeks and/or months are going to look like as economies close and re-open. However, what we have learned through all this is: The Residential AV industry has remained strong.

During this crisis, we’ve kept ourselves busy working on new construction, upgrading networks, and providing service while following governmental regulations. There’s enough work to go around, and in some cases, even more than normal. Clients are increasing their technology upgrades as they realize they’ll be spending more time in the home. 

And so, custom integration finds itself more in need now for candidates than in a long time. And we are grateful to be in this position, considering it’s surrounded by other industries plagued by layoffs and downsizing. So, here are three reasons why the Residential AV industry is your next best career move.

  1. Stability. From just needing to make ends meet to looking for the next step in your career plan…the Residential A/V industry is stable and remains necessary to everyone through and through. We’ve found that even through crazy times such as this, the economy within the Custom Integration world remains full of life and firing on all cylinders.
  2. Education. Wondering if you have the qualifications? Keep in mind that most AV installation jobs don’t actually require anything more than a high school diploma. While this may mean you start small, there is always an opportunity to advance in the industry. Most firms would love the opportunity to start with someone with no bad habits. If you do have further education, that is absolutely of value, but in the end, it’s your attitude and technical aptitude that holds the weight. The Residential AV industry is a great place to come learn something new.
  3. Fast-Paced. The more our culture idolizes technology, automation, and all the advancement that comes with that, the more we will need and value A/V professionals. If there was an ideal time to get in the game, it would be now. This is an industry that requires hard work, flexibility, and a mind willing to expand and learn new things every day (no matter your position).

If you’re just getting started or looking to make your next big move in the industry, let us know! We can help.

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