Candidates: Here’s Why a Company Culture Matters in the AV Industry 

What is a Company Culture? 

We’ve all been there. Your first day at the office or job site has arrived and with it, you feel uncertain on how to present yourself. After all, every job demands a different set of skills. Why would it be any different when socializing with your new team mates? Navigating social cues, unique work ethics, and different personalities can feel like a lot when you also have tasks that need to get done. It can almost feel like you are juggling two jobs at once. Your actual job and the job of getting to know your work environment. This, “thing” you are dealing with is a company culture and for many, it can be difficult to understand. A company culture can be defined as the beliefs, habits, assumptions, vision, and values of a workspace. These elements can determine everything from how performance reviews are given to how you properly organize your lunch into that shared workspace fridge. In the AV industry, a company culture can sometimes be the determining factor for the quality of work you produce and the quality of life your boss makes for you. 

The Cultural Fit: Better Communication Equals a Better Job

Building the right job is all about nailing down communication. At the heart of this process lies the cultural fit. The cultural fit is all about making work more human and more comfortable. What does that mean? It means making the effort to communicate to team mates and team leaders as humanly as possible, without technology getting in the way. Breaking down communication barriers leads to better work and a better work life. Strong communication skills can be the make or break for how long you want to stay with a company. Clear instructions and clear goals make for a better quality of work, allowing for the time you spend with a company, to be extended. Understanding a workspace’s beliefs, habits, assumptions, vision and values sounds exhausting. But with comfortable and strong communication, these cultural elements can be better understood and absorbed and as a result, the job can become a lot easier to maintain. The key to this is understanding. It all comes down to knowing that everyone you surround yourself with at the job site comes from a different background and holds their own beliefs, values, and needs. Respecting each other’s beliefs, values, and needs first and foremost is the only way to respect the beliefs, values, and needs of the company culture you work in. In the AV industry, knowing one another is half the battle. 

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