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How Should an AV Company Consider their Culture When Hiring?

Understanding both sides of our client base is the key to successful recruiting transactions. As the recruiting industry increasingly pushes to move their processes online, many firms are overlooking one crucial aspect of hiring the right employee. 

The cultural fit. 

So How Should an AV Company Consider their Culture When Hiring?

Creating a company with strong culture starts at the individual level. What characteristics do the employees you are hiring display when you bring them on? Unfortunately, in an effort to fill vacant positions, recruiters often take a resume at face value and hand over the job.

If you’re trying to find an employee that is simply short-term effective, then you may be able to get by with only considering job history and experience. However, If you’re aiming to build a company that’s here to stay, you’ll need something more. You need to find a long-lasting member of your team that not only grows as your company grows but changes as the entire industry changes.

The only way to ensure that an employee can make it the long run is to make sure their views and goals are in line with your own. What is your mission? Make sure that the employee sees the value in that mission, and that their specific skill set and attitude will help accomplish it.

The first step you should take if you are looking to make the cultural fit a priority is to make your hiring process more human. If your process is driven by the internet and A.I. you probably aren’t communicating the values of your business properly. Simply having strong candidates meet the rest of their future team is invaluable when creating a great atmosphere that will last long into the future. 

At HD Staffing, We’re breaking down the rickety bridge that currently crosses the hiring chasm and building a new one. By understanding what both the candidates and the employers truly need, we help build businesses one employee at a time. We work directly with the candidates AND the employers as a matchmaking service to determine which is the best fit for which.

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