AV Candidates: Here’s How to Make the Ideal Resume

How to Make the Ideal Resume: Four Solid Tips

Crafting that ideal resume can feel like a burden. With so many being thrown at recruiters or integrators, having a resume that stands out can be difficult. Luckily, our years of experience in AV staffing have given us some pretty solid insights into what makes the ideal resume. Candidates, it’s time to make a career move. Let’s make the ideal resume. 

Here’s How to Make a Better Resume

  • Keep it to One Page, Maybe Two – Once you start making a resume, it can feel difficult to fit everything on one or two pages. The hard truth is that employers simply don’t have the time to wade through page after page. Keep your resume lean and mean.
  • Let your Technical and Trade Experience Shine – It’s nearly impossible to get into the AV industry without having some sort of technical or trades experience. Whether it’s dabbling in electronics on your own, work in another trade or having worked at the Genius Bar at Apple, almost every job in the AV industry requires some type of previous experience. It’s important to highlight this on your resume for your potential future employer to see. 
  • Mind the Gap – Showing a full work history is vital when making your resume. Maybe you had a job that wasn’t AV related and you don’t feel it’s relevant enough for your resume. Or maybe you have a gap for personal reasons. Whatever the reason is, keep in mind that your future employer needs transparency. If you have a gap in a resume, acknowledge it and try to explain it within your resume as best as possible. 
  • Spellcheck or Face the Consequences – Spellcheck can seem like another one of those easy steps to follow. However, it really can be a make or break in the eyes of the employer and it’s often overlooked. Have someone read your resume that you can trust or run your resume through one of the many spellcheck tools available on the internet. Your potential employer will take notice. 

Ready to make the ideal resume? Finding your next AV job is our priority. HD Staffing boasts over 50 years of combined custom electronic integration and construction staffing experience. This experience allows us to better understand the needs of both our client companies and the candidates we work with. Give us a call today at 702-666-8288 or send us an email at info@hdstaffing.com to make the best of your hiring process. 

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