Your next AV Career move is to Naples, FL: Here’s Why

Wait, but isn’t Naples where people go to retire?

This is NOT your grandma’s city. She can head over to Cape Coral or Fort Myers for shuffleboard and bingo. Naples is a classy and sassy beachfront resort city: absolutely perfect for the young professional looking for a little fun in the sun. There are tons of young people in Naples because the job market is excellent, the cost of living is decent, and the commute from the office to the surf is a breeze. If the hustle and bustle of big cities isn’t your pace, you’re in good company! Many young people are now moving out to the paradise coast in favor of days ended by sunsets over the Gulf. With white sand beaches and tons of resorts, your friends will be flocking to you for their beach getaway. As a tourism driven city, you’ll constantly be meeting new people here on vacation. Become a local so you can show them the best bars and hidden beaches!

What is there to Do in Naples?

Night life might not be the first thing to come to mind when you think of Naples, but dust off your breeziest button-down and get excited to enjoy all this sunny city has to offer! The recent influx of 20-30 somethings has added a jolt of energy to the city. You can see it in the microbreweries, food trucks, coffee shops, Naples nightlife and live music bars that have cropped up. Head over to Pelican Larry’s for their award-winning wings, fresh seafood, games, tv and beer. Not in the mood for relaxing? Looking to dance? Head over to South Street or Cavo Lounge for good drinks and reggae until the sun comes up! In the morning, go on an adventure through the Everglades. The national park is full of interesting wildlife. One weekend in this park is bound to yield tons of fun stories for you and your friends. Prefer the surf to the swap? There are miles of beautifully kept white sand beaches at your disposal- grab a beer and dip your toe into all this underrated city has to offer!

What is the Cost of Living in Naples?

No beach resort town is expected to come without a bill. But in Naples, you can be sure you’re getting the maximum bang for your buck. While the overall cost of living is roughly 11.9% over the national average, the amenities that come included are priceless. Transportation costs are 19.4% below national average because Naples is not the city to have you sit around in traffic when you should be sitting on the beach. The median home price of $398k might be staggering at first glance, but this price is wildly inflated by the number of celebrities with homes in the city like Rush guitarist, Alex Lifeson, and PGA golfer, Fuzzy Zoeller. Speaking of golf, Naples boasts nearly 100 18-hole courses. The luxury isn’t all show either, Naples is 37% below the national average for overall crime rate and a whopping 70% below the state average for violent crime. 

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