You Can’t Do it All (Stop Pretending)

The United State’s business environment is thriving in the hands of passionate, driven men and women who’s decisions steer small and large business. Our country is home to the most innovative business leaders in the world. Whether your firm is small or large, developed time management skills are CRUCIAL to the success of anyone in a leadership position of any capacity.

Every single successful, long-established businessman or women knows that delegation is the key to effective time management.

But you know what delegation is… You practice it every day. So we ask you. Why are you wasting so much time in the gutter of the hiring process? The simple answer is you didn’t know there is an easier way. The deeper one? Maybe you aren’t as good at delegating than you think.

We see AV employers all over the country fall into the same traps over and over again when it comes to finding the right employees. You can read about one of those common mistakes here. So why do they continue to push forward, in charge of something they could easily pass off to someone with more experience?

There are two dominant answers: Trust and Education.

When it comes down to it, why are you hiring in the first place? To delegate! Delegation takes trust, and you want to hire someone that you know you can rely on, but what tactics are you using? How much do you listen to the ‘gut’ feeling? What about the words of a resume? How can you truly know whether or not you trust someone?

Well, the truth is it takes something employers already don’t have much of. Experience and time. Want some proof?

What was the reason you started hiring in the first place? You’re stretched on time, and there are things you have to do that require your specific skillset. Our hiring specialization and experience allows us to hire employees far better tailored to your company’s needs. Period. We analyze and understand what your business requires to grow, and fill those needs with quality candidates.

Back to the other answer. Many employers in the AV industry simply don’t realize there is a much easier way to hire. HD Staffing connects our aggregate base of employee candidates with our established base of integrators. It’s that simple. We use our years of experience, reputation, and hard work to match our manufacturer and integrator firms with office personnel that meets not only the skill requirements of your position but the cultural requirements of your company.

Stop wasting your time. It’s valuable. Learn more or contact us today.

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