Writing a Resume Tips

Resume standards have changed over the years. Simple resumes just don’t cut it anymore. What we mean is, standard paper and black Times New Roman type are easy to skip over when recruiters or employers are looking to hire. Here are a few resume tips to get you noticed:

Format your resume wisely- The simpler the look, the easier it is to read. Make sure to pick a template or format that has wide margins. A clean and clear, modern font is the best option. There are hundreds of examples out there for creating both a professional and interesting resume. Look for templates from online designers to give you a head start.

Make your name stand out- A resume doesn’t mean anything unless there is a person attached to it. Your name should be the largest font on the paper. A clean, sophisticated font with a creative, sleek design will help your name jump out.

Include a purpose statement- A purpose statement is a brief paragraph that states what your goals are, who you are and what you do. Many skip out on this step; however, it is a perfect opportunity to show your personality and reiterate the reason why you will be the perfect candidate. You never know who’s eyes might land on that statement!

Detail your accomplishments, not your job description- Hiring managers, especially in the technical fields, look for ways that you might have problem solved. Your listed previous jobs should include a brief one to two sentence description, followed by a list of what you accomplished during your time there.

Use bullet points- This is a classic resume tip that most likely will never go away. Bullet points draw the readers eye to the most important part of the resume almost immediately. Make sure to follow these bullet points with your highest level of accomplishments.

Never forget to include a reference page- While it may seem unnecessary, some recruiters and/or hiring managers really do call your listed references. This helps them get to know more about your work ethic from a personal point of view. Leaving out references can make you seem suspicious, as if there is something in your past work experience that you might be hiding!

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