Working in AV? A.I. Will Change Everything

A.I. or artificial intelligence is already radically transforming industries. From agriculture to social media, to the little voices on our phones, A.I. is already largely a part of your life whether you like it or not. But if you work in the AV industry, what is it you need to know about A.I.? How is it going to affect your day-to-day?

More and more companies in the typical modern workplace are starting to see the communications benefits that A.I brings to the table. One of the first ways A.I. will be implemented is through scheduling.

Companies like Facebook currently use A.I. to manage scheduling company-wide. We believe this will radically increase the efficiency of AV integration companies.

Want to schedule a meeting with someone within your corporation? Facebook employees can simply generate a meeting request. The A.I. analyze the schedule of the employee (or employees) you need to meet with, pick a time that best fits in the schedule, and then notify all relevant employees/supervisors. Eliminating the pesky back-and-forth date/time swapping.

So how will this affect the average AV industry employee?

Besides just scheduling meetings around the firm, this technology will soon transform the scheduling of everyday jobs. A.I. will allow us to look at hundreds of variables when it comes to sending out employees to installs.

What is the efficient order of jobs to decrease drive time? At what time is traffic the worst in which area? When was this client last serviced? Which employee is best suited for this specific implementation? Exactly what tools need to be allocated company-wide for all of the jobs today? The ways companies can find room for efficiency with A.I. are endless.

So our advice to you, be ready for rapid growth. Are you opposed to change? The AV professionals who are the fastest to assimilate these technologies into their company are going to see the fastest growth in their companies.

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