Why Is It So Hard to Find a (Good) Job?

Finding a job is this market is definitely getting easier… Or is it?

Despite what some may have you believe, one of the biggest reasons unemployment is so low in the United States right now is because of the rise in involuntary part time work. This term refers to the employees in this market who work part time, only because they cannot get a full time job. The rise in access to these part time jobs are the main reason for low unemployment. Think of Uber and Lyft Drivers, Air Bnb Owners, or Door Dashers. 

This rapidly expanding technology has created a great market for the consumer, but not necessarily the employees. These workers are estimated to earn only $36,500 per year to the $62,700 by employees who are working a steady 40 hour work week. They also will likely sacrifice the benefits that come with a full time job.

If you have experience in the custom integration industry, you probably know that good jobs are hard to come by. Especially those that meet your salary requirements and implement your specific skill set. What you might not know is how beneficial it can be to have someone speaking for you on your behalf.

When you work with us, you already have your foot in the door with AV firms all over the United states. We already have an established base of AV firms looking to hire for an abundance of positions. We go to them on your behalf to get you the full time job you are seeking. We have spent years growing our client base, and have established our ability to place great employees within the companies.

HD Staffing is career driven. That means we are looking to find you the job that fills all of your present requirements, but will be long-lasting as well. One that gives you room to grow and thrive. You CAN get ahead in this economy. Reach out to us today!


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