Why Company Culture is Crucial

You have the skills necessary for the job, but will you be a good cultural fit for the company?

One of the main purposes of a job interview is to allow employees on the team to assess the potential cultural fit of a job candidate. Not only do you need to exhibit the necessary qualifications to perform the job, but you also need to be able to work effectively within the existing organization. It’s not unusual for both sides to underestimate the importance of this factor, only to end up a few months down the road regretting decisions made. 

Culture in a workplace is usually made up of life experiences each employee brings to the organization. It is also especially influenced by the company’s founder and executives and their role in decision making and direction. So, cultural fit is the ability of an employee to comfortably work in an environment that is in aligned with his own beliefs, values, and needs. The challenge for employers is to hire employees that will fit their work culture. The employees hired must be trusted with this fine balance, which will help ensure the success of the organization.

Keep in mind that when you are being interviewed, the potential employer is reading you for the cultural qualities they may or may not be looking for. Likewise, you should be evaluating them throughout this process with the same level of importance. As a quality candidate that is being considered, you likely have options to choose from for employment. As an integrator, those interviewing you might be quick to overlook cultural differences in a desperate effort to fill an open position.

Cultural fit goes both ways. When matched correctly, you are an asset that strengthens your team and company as a whole. On the other side of that, if it’s not a good fit, chances are you won’t stay long, which is not only frustrating for you as the employee but resets the entire hiring process for the integrator. Allotting time and energy to ensuring everyone lines up culturally is crucial for success across the board.

Finding the best cultural fit will ensure less of a turn over rate within the company, helps build strong teams, and it will assist you in setting long-term career goals. At HD Staffing, culture is one of our top priorities in the matching process. Let us analyze your potential employers as well as yourself to make the perfect match. 

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