What Makes a Great AV Technician?

One of the biggest reasons businesses struggle to hire great employees, is because they are looking for something so specific, that they are unable to find the right fit. We use our decades of experience in the custom integration industry to fill positions with skilled candidates that can solve problems you didn’t even know you had. It’s all about knowing the industry, and understanding the candidates we interview and screen.

We are looking for several specific factors when it comes to hiring your next great employee. These include culture, learning potential, and ability.

Creating a company with a strong culture starts at the individual level. What characteristics do the employees you are hiring display when you bring them on? Unfortunately, in an effort to fill vacant positions, recruiters often take a resume at face value and hand over the job.

If you’re trying to find an employee that is simply short-term effective, then you may be able to get by with only considering job history and experience. However, If you’re aiming to build a company that’s here to stay, you’ll need something more. You need to find a long-lasting member of your team that not only grows as your company grows and changes as the entire industry changes.

As anyone in this industry knows, technology is forever changing. It is crucial to stay up to date and keep pace with the industry. Make learning an ongoing priority, so that your skillset keeps up with what your clients will want. On a broader note, for the candidate to be a successful fit in the company, it is crucial that they are able to adjust to their new position quickly. They might not start off at the perfect candidate, but if they can quickly become just that.

Great communication, time management, and experience are all part of the candidates’ ability. This is almost impossible for business owners to gauge in just one interview. Strong communication between clients and technicians is the first and most important step to fulfilling successful projects. It also displays a level of professionalism to the client, steadily increasing their confidence in not only your employees’ skills but your company as a whole.

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