What Do Dating and Hiring Have In Common?

If you have ‘love at first sight’ for a prospective employee, you’re probably doing something wrong…

At HD Staffing we see ourselves as a ‘dating service’ for the Custom Integration industry. We get out into the job market and match-up quality candidates with the right firms. Our mission is to make it easier for company owners to find their next star employee while helping qualified candidates get their foot in the door with tried and true firms.

“I knew they were the one as soon as they walked into the room” is not something you should be saying about a prospective employee. The hiring process is often filled with emotions. Whether it’s an overworked owner or a recruiting agent who doesn’t understand the AV industry, many hiring decisions are made based on a ‘gut feeling’.

 Not only can this get you into legal trouble, it can lead to an ineffective workforce with unnecessary turnover costs

While we may not believe in love at first sight, we do believe that the right candidate for your empty position is out there. We don’t know about love, but down the road, our placements often result in happy employers and fulfilled, hardworking employees.

Why? Well, we start by setting the scene. We don’t take your candidates out to extravagant dinners, or buy them flowers. We start by communicating the values of your company and make sure their’s coincide.

We consider the employee-employer cultural fit within your company when making placements. Every good relationship starts when individuals share similar core beliefs. Considering the values of your company, and communicating them to the applicants is a crucial part of our hiring process. It’s simple; if employees don’t share similar values with the company, the relationship won’t last long. 

We have a deep understanding of the custom integration industry. We realize that all companies, and their owners, are looking for different things. The desired candidate in New York may have be much different from those in Los Angeles! Whatever you’re looking for, we personally navigate recruitment with all of our candidates and integrators.

Every company is looking for a long-lasting member of the team. We aim to help create a relationship not only grows as your company grows but changes as the entire industry changes. We use our years of experience, reputation, and hard work to match our manufacturer and integrator firms with office personnel that meets not only the skill requirements of your position but the cultural requirements of your company. Ultimately, we look to create a great workplace atmosphere that will last long into the future. 


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