Western Montana is your Next AV Career Move: Here’s Why

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West of the Continental Divide and tucked away within the Rocky Mountains lies a region full of American history and opportunities as far as the eye can see. Bozeman and Kalispell represent just a few of the breathtaking, adventurous yet laid back towns and cities that make up this great region of the United States. If amazing were to be defined any other way it would be defined as Western Montana. Let’s take a look at what lies in store for your next career move.  

Montana’s Cost of Living: A Modern Day Goldrush

If you are looking for an affordable living situation and a proximity to the great outdoors then Western Montana is where you want to be. A studio apartment in Western Montana costs about $200 dollars less than the national average. Looking for something with more room? Then you’re in luck because a 4 bedroom living space costs approximately $400 less than the national average. This gives you more financial freedom and more time out on the town or exploring, fishing, and hunting in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Montana additionally has zero sales tax and remains one of only five states without a general sales tax in the United States. These financial characteristics of Western Montana make it an ideal place to settle into a new AV career but let’s take a closer look at a few of the towns and cities that make Western Montana truly what it is. 

Where to Live in Western Montana and Why

Western Montana really has a place for everyone. While every city and town is perfectly situated for an outdoorsman, there are quite a few areas that offer something unique and modern as well. Bozeman for example is a booming tech hub with a laid back work / life balance. With a population under 49,000, Bozeman is home to a host of restaurants, cafes, and breweries. With a growing population, the need for AV work is no doubt increasing there. While more expensive than say Kalispell, Bozeman can provide you with a style of living that is similar to city living. Not everyone is a city person though. Enter Kalispell. Close to Glacier National Park, the city of Kalispell is all about the outdoors. Alpine trails, superb fly fishing streams, boating, incredible skiing at the Whitefish Mountain Resort and dozens of golf courses to choose from, Kalispell will keep you busy. Small enough to have a grizzly bear encounter but close enough to civilization to get a great beer at one of the local breweries, if you’re an outdoorsman you will want to make your move to Kalispell. 

Are you interested in making a career change or do you want a fresh start in a new city? If Western Montana seems like the perfect fit for you, we have job opportunities available to you right now. At HD Staffing, finding your next career opportunity is our priority. HD Staffing boasts over 50 years of combined custom electronic integration and construction staffing experience. This experience allows us to better understand the needs of both our client companies and the candidates we work with. Give us a call today at 702-666-8288 or send us an email at info@hdstaffing.com to find your next AV job.

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