There’s No Such Thing as Unicorns… Or Are There?

There’s no such thing as unicorns… Or are there?

Many integrators expect to find the perfect employee or ‘unicorn’ right off the bat. They see an employee within their company, or another company, and say “I want one of those.” One of the biggest reasons businesses struggle to hire great employees, is because they are looking for something so specific, that they are unable to find the right fit.

But, that simply doesn’t happen. While certain positions may be similar to others, every job needs a separate unique skillset. No new employee ever perfect right out of the gate. The companies that make education a priority are the ones who end up with the most effective employees.

We see AV employers all over the country fall into the same traps over and over again when it comes to finding the right employees. You can read about another one of those common mistakes here. As the candidate market gets thinner, integrators are having to be less particular about who they hire, but where are the best places to make concessions?

Investing in the development of your employees is a proven way to differentiate your company in the job market, decrease the turnover of your employees in recession, and raise job satisfaction within your employee base. AND it leads to fewer headaches as a business owner. The more you invest in effective training, the faster you can make up for your employee’s shortcomings.

Making learning an ongoing priority, so that your skillset keeps up with what your clientele wants is obvious. But on a broader note, if you are educating your employees to the point where they are not only meeting the client or organizational needs but EXCEEDING them, then you’ll end up with the ‘perfect’ employee.

They might not start off a unicorn, but if they can quickly become just that.

Unicorns are not born. They are MADE!

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