The Value of a Well-Rounded Technician

There are many challenges integrators face when looking for the perfect A/V technician. Keeping in mind the weight that even just one under-qualified technician can hold, hiring should never be a rushed or laxed process, regardless of how big the need may be. One employee that doesn’t fit is directly related to the success and quality of your company’s projects.  Here are a few bases you don’t always need to cover, even underneath the specific skill set your open position might require. 

  • Effective Communicator: Strong communication between integrators and technicians is the first and most important step to fulfilling successful projects. Often your company’s projects are complex, and will require problem solving in multiple areas. Being able to communicate problems AND solutions effectively will help execute the project to it’s fullest potential. It also displays a level of professionalism to the client, steadily increasing their confidence in not only your employees’ skills, but your company as a whole.
  • Strong Time Management Skills: Planning ahead and being able to troubleshoot issues as they arise, is paramount in a successful project. Projects being completed on time is something your clients expect. Looking ahead to factor in and forecast issues that will likely come up on various projects is a skill that will go far with your biggest clients. Prioritizing tasks, deadlines and potential issues is critical for any position in your company.
  • Active Learner: As anyone in this industry knows, technology is forever changing. It is crucial to stay up to date and keep pace with the industry. Make learning an ongoing priority, so that your skillset keeps up with what your clients will want.

At HD Staffing, the items above are non-negotiable. We build on this, depending on what you need specifically. Taking things like company culture, past experience and salary requirements into consideration are just a few of the steps we take in YOUR hiring process.

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