The Cost of an Under-Qualified Tech

At the rate technology grows and evolves each year, one of the biggest challenges that integrators face is finding quality labor to keep up with the demands of the industry. While on one hand, this seems like a good problem to have, it is still a negative factor especially for those trying to run a business. Lacking a team made up of highly qualified and skilled members makes managing growth extremely difficult.

The ideal technician should be a hardworking individual, willing to go the extra mile and put in long hours when necessary. They need to have the initiative to know when they’re not up to date on the latest trends and industry knowledge, and then push themselves to reach that level on a regular basis. No doubt, this technician is hard to find. Companies and integrators lacking this tech are struggling with high turnover rates, diminishing quality of service to their clients, and eventually, their plummeting efficiency rates and team morale. Pouring hours into Facebook ads, posts, or other job forums can feel fruitless, especially after one bad hire. While these tools are a great net, there is a filtration process that must follow them that integrators do not have time to accurately perform.

Home automation has become so attainable to all levels of homeowners. The need for qualified technicians increases just as quickly as technology changes. It is a long process to find these techs, train them sufficiently, and then retain them long enough to make it all worth it.

At HD Staffing, we hear your frustrations and we know your focus is to constantly exceed your client’s expectations by providing custom integrated, smart space solutions. Our focus is to recruit, screen and hire field and office personnel that meet not only the skill requirements of your position but also the cultural environment of your company. We want to find your next great employee. Give us a call today at 702-666-8288 or email us at Let us help your company grow at the rate it should, while you focus on giving your clients the quality service promote.

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