Passive Applicants And How to Reach Them

70% of candidates consider themselves PASSIVE job searchers. A passive candidate is one who isn’t actively looking for a job but would consider one that is presented to them. That means that companies are missing out on 70% of their potential hiring pool.

This means that chances are, the right person for the position you need to fill is working at another company, and probably out of your reach.

Or is it?

Obviously, you don’t want a reputation as an employee poacher, and to make things even harder, proper recruiting in AV/manufacturing is far more difficult than the average industry.  The problem is when faced with trying to market their position, hirers default to job sites, post the position, and pray it converts.

Unfortunately, these job sites typically create more work than they are worth. The candidates are often unreliable, and few and far between for a niche position. And again, you’re missing out on that large number of passive candidates who may consider your position after a presentation.

So how do you get the presentation in front of the candidate?

Well, 81% of the world has a social media profile. If you’re not marketing on social media, that’s the first step you should take. Companies are taking advantage of ads where they can target those with specific interests and those who *ahem* work at particular companies. Passive candidates who are checking out Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram during their day may see your ad and want to check out their options.

Using new media tools is a powerful way to get ads in front of the consumer. However, putting thought into the presentation of the post is extremely important when it comes to maximizing applicant clicks. Pick what you think is the most attractive part of the job offer, and stick with that. Got a great location? Use a picture of a city attraction as the featured image. Offering a hiring wage than the average in the area? Make that the highlight of the caption.

Attracting passive applicants to check out your job offers can be done, but it often takes experience, trial, and error. #HDStaffing

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