Omaha, Nebraska is your Next AV Career Move: Here’s Why

AV Industry: Look No Further

Home to Warren Buffet, the city of Omaha is known as the, “Gateway to the West,” and for your AV career, it could be the gateway you need to all sorts of work and life opportunities. From a comfortable cost of living to an unmatched midwestern friendliness and a surprising amount of nightlife, Omaha has it all. 

Omaha’s Cost of Living: A Gateway to Financial Freedom

If raising a family or attaining more financial freedom are important to you, then Omaha is the place to be. Omaha is ranked by Forbes as the 7th best place to raise a family, with a cost of living at 8% below the national average. The city’s U.S. News ranking as the 14th cheapest city to live in is no doubt thanks to the median household income of $68,326 and the median home price of $199,000. A friendly cost of living that allows for more home ownership gives AV workers several opportunities to put their talents to work. A booming rise in the tech field as well as multiple Fortune 500 companies give this city a generous amount of work for AV workers of all kinds. Cost of living and multiple avenues of applying your talents are no doubt strong reasons for making your next career move to Omaha. It turns out though that there are even more benefits to Omaha than attaining financial comfort. The city has a thriving nightlife, a great food scene, and a hometown football pride that’s hard to beat anywhere else.  

Talk of the Town: Omaha Has it All

The midwest is known for its friendliness. In fact, it’s friendliness has even been confirmed in psychological studies. From heartland smiles to friendly waves, being greeted and respected by your neighbors is the norm for living in Omaha. Such friendly gestures make for a comfortable work / life balance that’s well worth seeking. The best place to find some Omaha friendliness? Look no further than a Huskers football game. Head to Memorial Stadium and experience “The Sea of Red,” where you can join in on the action with loud crowds and tons of hometown pride for Nebraska’s one and only college football team. Want to find a good place to stretch those legs after a game? Make your way to the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge. This 3,000 foot-long pedestrian walkway expands all the way across the Missouri River connecting Iowa and Nebraska. Parks such as Omaha Plaza feature great places to relax and unwind after you make your way across the bridge for the stunning views of downtown Omaha and the Missouri River. Don’t wear yourself out too much though because a day in Omaha isn’t complete without experiencing the great dining scene and nightlife that downtown Omaha has to offer. Enjoy a famous Omaha steak or burger at one of the downtown area’s relaxed restaurants or grab a tasty beer at one of Omaha’s many breweries. Head over to one of Omaha’s many clubs for a concert from national touring bands to great local talent. Whether winding down with nature is your go to weekend activity or catching a game with friends is more your speed, Omaha has a lot to bring. 

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