Northeast Arkansas is your Next AV Career Move: Here’s Why

AV Industry: Look No Further

Northeast Arkansas is as American of a place as you can get. The city of Jonesboro is the main hub for the region which borders Memphis, and is home to a great cost of living, jobs, and things to do. From the southern hospitality, to the infinite outdoor adventures waiting to be had and a deeply rooted car culture like no other. It’s an affordable area with so much to do yet with so much space that you can easily find time to relax. Add in the AV job opportunities and you have a great place to plant your feet. 

What to Do in Northeast Arkansas

Put those hiking boots on because you’re about to break a sweat. Northeast Arkansas is home to a number of hiking trails and some pristine caverns well worth your time. Explore the Blanchard Springs Caverns and uncover the natural underground beauty of the area. An underground river even flows through the caverns. Nearby the caverns are camping, fishing, hiking and swimming spots to complete your underground adventure. Ready to get back up top? Prime fishing awaits you at Lake Charles State Park where you can cast your line and fish for bass, crappie, beam, and catfish. Tired from all your fishing? No problem. Lake Charles State Park offers yurts and prime campsites for lodging. Don’t forget about the region’s prime duck hunting. Book through Duxmen Outfitters and experience a superb guided duck hunt like no other. If relaxation is more your thing then you will want to make your way to the Spring River. Floating down the Spring is a truly relaxing floating experience thanks to the cool and clear spring fed water. You can book a float trip on the Spring River through Many Islands Camp or River Wilderness Sports once you make your way to Northeast Arkansas. If relaxation isn’t your speed then make your way to one of many motor speedways that occupy the region. Old No.1 Speedway and Crowley’s Ridge Raceway are the spots for catching fast cars. All of these great activities are easy to accomplish in Northeast Arkansas thanks to the comfortable cost of living. 

What is the Cost of Living Like in Northeast Arkansas?

Northeast Arkansas is considerably cheap. The state as a whole has a low cost of living defined by affordable utilities, a friendly housing market, and a market where the dollar goes far. The reported cost of living index is 14% lower than the rest of the country. This approximation takes into account groceries, housing, utilities, transportation, and healthcare. Ready to upgrade to a home? Northeast Arkansas is the place to be. Zillow reports that the median price of homes in Arkansas is $156,800. Add in the fact that Arkansas is in the top 10 for lowest property taxes and you have a great place to call home. 

Are you interested in making a career change or do you want a fresh start in a new city? If Northeast Arkansas seems like the perfect fit for you, we have job opportunities available to you right now. At HD Staffing, finding your next career opportunity is our priority. HD Staffing boasts over 50 years of combined custom electronic integration and construction staffing experience. This experience allows us to better understand the needs of both our client companies and the candidates we work with. Give us a call today at 702-666-8288 or send us an email at to find your next AV job. 

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