Keep On Interviewing

The coronavirus has completely shaken up the labor market. Fortunately, the Custom Integration industry has fared much better than other industries during this time. However, this disruption in our economy has left some quality talent without work and has others questioning the consistency of future work where they currently are employed. In other words, there has been no better time in the last several years to be interviewing and hiring.

Where once managers were struggling to find applicants, they are now not even taking a moment to interview potential candidates. In fact, we’ve found that a large number of business owners have completely stopped all hiring efforts.

The availability of quality candidates is improving, but despite what you may think, it won’t stay that way very long. Now is the time to position your company in the best way possible in terms of your workforce. Before it’s too late!

“Why would we hire new people when, quite frankly, we’re struggling to hold onto the ones we already have?”

We understand this sentiment, but ultimately, this is the viewpoint of a business owner who is not realizing the big picture. This situation is ultimately an opportunity for you and your company to evaluate your hiring practices and find the right players for key positions within the organization. Contrary to popular belief, this time is not the time to slow down your hiring operations. When things snap-back, those key players are going to be gone.

While you may not be ready to pull the trigger on a new hire, interviewing should still be an integral part of your quarantine operations. Continuing to develop your team and analyze your company’s needs doesn’t stop when the work slows down.

When it comes time to restart this economy back into full force, the integrators and business owners who will come out on top are those who have structured their company for success. Now is the time to start gearing your team at all levels with the best players possible.


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