It Takes Specialization to Find Specialization

One of the biggest reasons businesses struggle to hire great employees, is because they are looking for specialization. And they may be looking for it in the wrong places.

When an employer starts hunting for an employee, they almost ALWAYS have an idea of what that employee will do, and exactly how they want the employee to do it. The problem is, there is no instant fix. ALL new employees will take some level of training when it comes to your specific company’s procedures and fitting in with the day-to-day of the company. 

However, you CAN look for employees who have the skillset you need, as well as the characteristics that will work well within the position. That sounds like a piece of cake, but if you’ve hired in the past, you know just how difficult that can be.

It’s HARD for integrators to properly interview/screen candidates and determine their true potential value to the company. Especially when they are looking for someone so specialized that they are drastically narrowing the applicant pool. Interview chit-chat and a resume simply aren’t enough to determine whether or not a candidate is what you need for the company.

So why do employers continue to make poor hiring decisions based on this brief information? They don’t have the time, and they are afraid of missing their chance with the candidate. In short, the people who are hiring these employees aren’t specialized in the staffing industry. It’s time to stop leaving things up to luck.

It takes specialization to find a specialization. HD Staffing only hires in the custom integration industry. We know EXACTLY what you are looking for, and already have an established pool of hungry candidates to choose from. We know where to look for the experience you need, and it might not be the places you’d expect!

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