Integrators: Plenty of Projects, Not Enough Manpower?

Have you ever had to turn down a project simply because you don’t have enough qualified technicians to complete the job? This recurring problem is showing up across the industry. It’s a frustrating spot to be in, not to mention it’s directly affecting the growth of your company. Having to pay existing employees overtime to complete projects on schedule, quality and safety for your techs and jobs constantly being tested, and overall rapport continuing to diminish. Don’t think your clients aren’t noticing, either. This issue quickly seeps into every aspect of your business.

We get it. It’s tougher than ever to find quality employees. What are you doing in efforts to find quality candidates? Same thing you’ve always done? Job postings, staffing companies, and waiting it out?

Recruit. Hire. Train. Retain. Music to your ears, right? And easier said than done. Here’s what we’ve found to work best for each of those steps.


Good news…you’re doing your best. We realize that. The recruitment process takes serious time, effort and concentration. Quite frankly, way more of all of those things than the typical integrator has to give. Especially the integrator that is lacking the employees they need. You’re busy doing the things you’re good at – and that’s the way it should stay.

Tres and Brent of HD Staffing have a combined 40+ years of experience in both the staffing and custom electronics industry. They specialize in finding and fitting the perfect hire for all companies and positions in this industry. They have such a detailed and fool-proof process, that these are the employees that stick around for a while. Which makes the next two steps a whole lot simpler.


Set a plan of action. This should include specific time commitments and budgeted dollars. Remember during the training process that you’re not just getting them up to speed on knowledge for the job, but to be a part of YOUR company. Immerse them in the culture. If you don’t prioritize making them a part of the community that is your current team, even the “perfect” hire won’t last long. (Candidates placed by HD Staffing will already know about and be excited to join the culture you’ve created and shared with us at our on-site meeting.)


From the first point of contact throughout the duration of their career at your company, that’s when this is in play. By giving Tres and Brent the reigns during the hiring process, the hard part of this is over. To retain the employees we place with you, keep doing exactly what you’re doing. They’re working for you because they found out everything they needed to know when they got the job. They want to and should be a part of your company for a very long time. And if they’re not in it for the long haul, well then they didn’t make it past our screening process.

At HD Staffing, we are here to find your next employee – no matter what position you’re trying to fill. Let us find the next perfect fit.

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