Integrators: Here’s Why Ongoing Feedback is Vital to Your Success

Why Feedback is Important

We’ve all been there. Learning the ropes at a jobsite and anxiously wondering if you are doing something right, only to have a team leader come along and give you honest and constructive critique that saves you from making a mistake. You can’t deny the importance of feedback. It’s what keeps the jobsite on track and performing at a high standard. Having a mentor or leader that knows how to give feedback is a foundational stepping stone for everyone’s career. It’s a highly influential yet beneficial tool for any job scenario and in the AV industry, feedback is everything. Feedback is an excellent communication tool between you, the integrator, and your next or current set of employees. There are even psychological components to feedback that make it a tool you shouldn’t ignore. 

The Science of Feedback and How to Use it

To understand feedback you must first understand the concept of effective learning. Effective learning, while most notable in academic circles, is defined by established learning goals. These goals are centered around measuring performance and it happens that constructive criticism or feedback is an essential component of forming those goals. Setting performance goals for your employees is a fantastic way to create initiative and a confident work ethic. Criticism is crucial because it has consistently been proven to increase one’s effort and decrease one’s errors, allowing for better job performance. How you present feedback is just as important as the feedback itself though. When giving criticism to your employees, you need to emphasize the fact that you are sharing feedback. This allows for less competition between employees and more competition with themselves. Guessing games can create an uneasiness amongst employees and that’s exactly what leads to hard headed competition. Make sure you are being honest and transparent employees so you can reap the benefits of feedback. 

How are you giving feedback? Your success is your employees’ success and a jobsite is only as good as the amount of feedback your employees receive. At HD Staffing, finding your next candidate to give honest feedback to, is our priority. HD Staffing boasts over 50 years of combined custom electronic integration and construction staffing experience. This experience allows us to better understand the needs of both our client companies and the candidates we work with. Give us a call today at 702-666-8288 or send us an email at to make the best of your hiring process.

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