How to Get an AV Job: AV Dating Coaches can Help

Growing Your AV Career: Your Time Matters

Let’s face it. Searching for your next job can be a lot. From preparing your resume, to following up with past clients for testimonials, and navigating the vast landscape of the internet, there is so much that goes into job hunting. According to Forbes, you should be spending 7 to 8 hours per week if you are considering a career transition. Your time is sensitive and not everyone can dedicate every hour of everyday looking for their next career changing job. At times, it can be a lot like dating. Casual meetups, messages, social media research, and a never ending amount of dating apps that end up eating away at your valuable time. Enter in AV dating coaches. An AV dating coach doesn’t do the job for you. They simply get you on the right path. Those first steps in the job hunt are critical. Why not make the most of it? 

The Benefits of An AV Dating Coach

Harvard Business Review recommends taking the job hunt step by step. Create a contact list, make connections, close the list, and manage leads. What if someone or something could easily complete all of those steps for you? This is where an AV dating coach comes in handy. Let your AV dating coach find those valuable job listings that everyone is always fighting over. Simplifying the job hunt is the only way to minimize the time you spend looking for a job. You could join a job club, go to a state or federal employment office, or answer local newspaper ads like your grandpa did or you could simplify and maximize the job hunt by using an AV dating coach that will set you up with the specific job you know you deserve. After all, your career matters. 

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