How is the Labor Shortage Affecting YOUR Salary?

For small businesses in the custom integration industry, the hiring market has always been competitive. And it’s about to get a LOT more competitive. Today’s labor shortage is affecting every single company, small and large. Just about every single position’s average salary has increased substantially. According to CE Pro

  • Installation technician hourly wages rose 12%, from an industry-wide average of $16.48 per hour in 2018 to $18.45 per hour in 2019.
  • Sales manager salaries leaped 9%, from an average of $72,093 last year to $78,585 in 2019. 
  • Project manager salaries increased 11% from a national average of $60,164 to $67,009.
  • Experienced service technician hourly wages escalated 11% from $21.52 per hour in 2018 to $23.81 per hour.
  • 72% of integration companies now offer some type of bonus program for employees.

Capturing quality employees is now harder than ever. It takes more money, more benefits, and ultimately more time on the side of the business owner. Time they don’t have. Retaining those employees has also become an even harder task. For most employers, losing a trained employee can be a devastating blow. 

So what are most integrators doing to attract applicants and keep employees? Most are providing more benefits, higher salaries, and better working conditions. And, unfortunately, the ones who aren’t are losing employees. Fast. 

At HD Staffing we have made it our mission to help AV and custom integration companies not only attract applicants but retain them as well. We only hire in the custom integration industry. We know EXACTLY what you are looking for, and how to best find the quality candidates you need. 

We consult businesses across the country and advise them on the best ways they can effectively manage their active and potential employee pools. We can help you choose the right avenues to best retain your employees. Every company is looking for a long-lasting member of the team. We aim to help create a relationship not only grows as your company grows but changes as the entire industry changes. 

We use our years of experience, reputation, and hard work to match our manufacturer and integrator firms with office personnel that meets not only the skill requirements of your position but the cultural requirements of your company. Ultimately, we aim to create a great workplace atmosphere that will last long into the future. 


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