Contingency Versus Retained Search Recruiters

What are the differences between a Contingency recruiter and a Retained Search recruiter?

Basically, this means that the recruiter will perform his or her service without a fee until the candidate is hired. The goal is to represent the best candidate as quickly as possible in order to beat other agencies. This means that the recruiter will be a lot quicker to get the candidate hired, and will probably deliver more candidates to increase odds of placement. Typically, jobs that are not at a senior level in the organization are what Contingency recruiters aim for.

Working with a retained search recruiter means that you will pay an upfront fee. These recruiters work closely with their client, taking their time to find the perfect match for the job. This process is typically rigorous because they are looking for the exact skills, knowledge and experience to match the job description with the candidate. Typically, companies will requested a retained search recruiter when a senior-level position needs to be filled.

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