Central Oregon is your Next AV Career Move: Here’s Why

AV Industry: Look No Further

Authenticity is the perfect way to describe Central Oregon. A world away from the hustle and bustle of Portland, Central Oregon remains a gateway to financial freedom, homegrown relaxation, and the outdoor adventure of a lifetime. The city that most commonly defines Central Oregon is Bend. It’s home to a great amount of outdoor activities and a classic downtown area perfect for unwinding after a long day. As the fifth largest city in Oregon, Bend was once known as a riverside settlement for America’s great pioneers. You too can become a part of this long legacy of pioneer settlers by planting your feet down and settling into a better career change in the beauty of Bend.

What is Bend’s Cost of Living Like?

Affordable and idyllic is the best way to financially describe Bend. Say goodbye to extra costs and say hello to savings. If tax free sounds nice to you then Central Oregon is the place to be. Shopping for groceries and personal items is a whole lot easier in places like Bend thanks to there being no sales tax. Prices are honest, giving you an all around better cost of living and a trust in the people and businesses you purchase from. This is especially true when comparing Bend to cities like San Francisco, Seattle, and LA. While these cities are great in their own right, when compared to Bend, they do fall behind in cost of living. For instance, San Francisco is 76.8% more expensive than Bend overall when considering everything from median home cost to utilities and transportation. Seattle is no better with a median home cost that is 59% more expensive. Los Angeles is also victim to higher median home costs and higher transportation costs. Getting away from cities where the cost of living is higher means cleaner air, zero rush hour traffic, and a better low cost of doing business. With all those extra savings you can enjoy the idyllic outdoor beauty that Bend has to offer. 

What to Do in Bend Oregon: An Outdoor Paradise 

The Central Oregon city of Bend sits on the eastern edge of the Cascade Range and the Deschutes River. The beauty of the Ponderosa Pine forest combined with the dramatic landscape of the Great Basin high desert plateau gives Bend a perfect mix of everything when it comes to nature. This mixture allows for a fantastic forecast thanks to a high desert climate where you can experience sunny days and cool nights. Bend is equally perfect for a full day of outdoor activities and an evening spent lounging at a tasty brewery. With a great climate and a breathtaking landscape, you will want to spend every waking minute outside. In the summer, superb fly fishing, mountain biking, hiking, camping, rock climbing, rafting, and golf await you. In the winter, you can enjoy some of the best skiing and snowboarding that the western United States has to offer at Mt. Bachelor. If you are looking for a way out of the city or a fresh seasonal forecast, then Bend is for you. 

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