AV Freelancing, The Gig Economy, and You

The gig economy has always been a major part of the AV industry job market. More recently, the internet has rapidly changed the rate at which businesses use these low-cost, flexible, and immediate freelancers. People are able to make their livings through mobile apps, work on their own time, and own their own business through the confines of whatever platform they are servicing in.

While this industry may be expanding, cracks within the model are beginning to show. Freelancers simply aren’t being paid enough, and benefits are rare. In fact, only 16 percent of freelancers and independent workers have a retirement savings plan. 

An unsteady income makes it hard for workers to plan for the future. Gig workers are estimated to earn only $36,500 per year to the $62,700 by employees who are working a steady 40 hour work week. 

So why do workers continue to take on these gigs? Research shows that it is simply because the bills need to get paid. 44% of people say they freelance because that’s how they make ends meet, and not because that’s what they want to do.

While taking a job with defined working hours and rules by the employers may feel restricting, many are willing to make that sacrifice for steady pay, benefits, and the access to paid leave.

At HD Staffing, we believe that a major reason for workers deciding to leave their current employment for the gig economy is because they are in the wrong job in the first place. Do you feel like you are valued at your current job? Is the culture in line with your values and priorities? We want to help you find a business atmosphere where you feel that you are supported on all fronts.

If you’re a freelancer who is ready for a steady job. HDMI Staffing is here to get you the career you need to feel fulfilled. We focus on finding work that is MEANINGFUL to our clients. We can help you realize career opportunities that not only meet your salary requirements but your growth potential requirements as well.


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