Are You Living In The Right City?

No matter where you’re located, or how deep your roots are, your location has a huge effect on your work environment. Varying weather, scenery, people and above all, traffic, can positively or negatively affect your disposition to enjoy your job. Luckily, in today’s economy, you can actually have more say over where you work than you might think.

With rising wages and sinking unemployment levels, many candidates have taken a ‘location first’ approach when it comes to choosing jobs. If you’ve got your eyes on greener pastures, now might be the best time in a long time to give things a shot.

Not only does the place you live affect your attitude about your work; it affects your attitude about life. In his book “The Blue Zones of Happiness,” Dan Buettner writes about how physical location relates to happiness levels of the residents. “Where a person lives determines their level of happiness more than any other factor,” Buettner says. One of the largest external factors on individual happiness levels pertains to the weather. If you’re averse to rainy weather, Seattle might not be the best location. If you lead an active lifestyle, you’re going to be happier in a climate that encourages that activity.

Often, we speak with candidates looking for jobs, but are a bit wary of looking outside locations they are already comfortable with. If nothing’s holding you down, and you’re looking for a job, we may have some amazing opportunities for you. 

Sometimes, waiting for the right opportunity to come your way isn’t always the best move. Take advantage of this booming economy, go out, and get that job you’ve always wanted! We currently have dozens of placements available all over the country for AV professionals. From Aspen to Los Angeles, we’re willing to bet that we’ve got the spot for you. If you’re ready to take that step, we’re ready to help you get there. HD Staffing has AV Integrators all over the United States looking for candidates! Just take your pick.


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