Stay Ahead of The Competition

Today’s fast-paced, international, and aggressive technology companies need quick-thinking individuals hungry for success. The overwhelming competition within the integration industry is driving owners to look for more and more ways to find an edge.

You’ve simplified your communications department with software, you’re expedited your manufacturing, and you’re continually finding better and better ways to develop and market your product. Where else can you find an advantage over the competition?

The hiring process.

Your company’s hiring may be the difference between your company and the competitors around you. Think of a candidate as a potential client, who is looking for the right firm to hire. Who is going to make the first impression? What are your sales tactics? And what is the cost of conversion?

When a firm needs to hire a new employee, they are entering into a market drastically different from their own. Marketing a career is not the same as marketing a home automation system install. It takes specialization to be at the cutting edge of hiring. That’s years of experience that most companies don’t have.

Wondering what changes you need to make? Start with analyzing your first point of contact with the candidate. Public opinion is vastly negative toward automated phone call systems, and online resume sinkholes. When it comes to hiring specialized technicians (especially those who will work with your clientele) it is vital that your first point of contact is a personal connection. For most companies, that usually means re-formulating the way they conduct their interview sessions.

Are you still using cliche interview questions? How personal are your sessions, and where do you conduct them?

If you’re building a company and looking at the long term, beating the competition is going to come at narrower and narrower margins. Relying on one’s personal knowledge instead of that of an expert is an easy way to save a buck in the short run, but working with an experienced hiring agency is the quickest way to get ahead of the game in this industry.

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