What kind of Company are you?
We are a retained search company, or a “headhunter”. We recruit for permanent positions at every level of a company from entry-level technicians to management. We work only in the CI industry and use our 50 years of collective experience to ensure a proper fit is made between each Client and Candidate based on technical experience and a cultural match for your company.
What areas of the Country do you serve?
We are a Nationwide Company working throughout the United States and Canada. Our process works in every market.
I never had to pay up front for a recruiter before?
The CI industry is very specialized and therefore it needs a recruitment firm that has the experience and sole focus of recruiting and placing people in it. You’ve most likely have been using Contingency Recruiters up to this point. In general they place Job Postings on the Job Boards based on limited information you provided. If a resume comes with a few keywords they immediately send the resume to you with little screening or qualifying. They do little to nothing up front so there is no value added service they can charge unless you actually hire a candidate. Most likely you have not had positive experiences with this type of recruiter.
How do ensure you make the right cultural fit?
Most people know that we perform in depth screening of all candidates that we present. What most people don’t know is that we also have a 2 step Integrator screening process. The first step is have an initial Conference Call so the Integrator and HD Staffing can get to know one another and discuss Client needs and HD Staffing Services. The second step is for HD Staffing to perform an onsite meeting with the Client principals to better understand how the Client Company operates and to get a general sense of the culture.
How can you find people when I can’t?
Our only focus is recruiting people with in the CI Industry. While you may focus on staffing needs 5, maybe 10 percent, of the time we do it 24/7. First we search out the passive job seekers by constantly networking through Social Media, Manufacturers and our existing contacts. We also strategically search out the active job seekers by using Job Boards with proven Job Postings that attract these types of candidates. In addition many highly qualified job seekers are afraid to reach out to other Companies for fear of it getting back to their current employees. We are a confidential conduit for these candidates.
What is my guarantee once you place a person with my Company?
Our job is to make sure you never have to use it. However, you as a Client have a 90-Day guarantee from the first day your new Employee (Candidate) starts working for you. If for any reason he or she is not the right fit, whether that be technically or culturally, let them go and HD Staffing will find the right replacement for free.
We know everyone in our market should I assume you’ll have to relocate someone?
As an experienced Integrator that certainly may be true. However there may be really qualified candidates that are also a good cultural fit for your Team who are afraid to reach to you directly for fear of their current employer finding out. Recruitment firms such as HD Staffing can act as an intermediary between you and those candidates looking to make a career move.

In those cases where we cannot find a qualified local candidate HD Staffing will recruit from markets that are known to import talent to your locale.

Are you just poaching people from another Integrator to fill my need?

No. We search to find the best possible candidate for your Company this includes reaching to our ever growing network, creating new networks as well as traditional posting methods. Like all industries some movement of people from one company to another is healthy for the overall industry.

What else will it cost me beyond the placement fee?
Nothing. Everything is included in the fee including our time, job postings to multiple Job Boards and any HD Staffing travel to perform your initial onsite.
Do you provide temporary staff?
We do not at this time. Due to current demand we’re only offering permanent placement but look to provide this service at some point next year.
What is the next step?


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