Thank You!

HD Staffing began four and a half years out of an ever-growing need in the custom electronics industry to find and permanently place people across all skill levels. Over that time, we’ve been fortunate to make dozens of placements all over the country, from major cities to small resort markets. Our clients ranged from the CEPro Top 100 list to one-person owner/operators. We made it a point to get to know our clients, how they operated and where they wanted to take their business. This desire to know our clients coupled with our collective experience in custom electronics, construction services, sales, and strategy ultimately led to various consulting arrangements with many of our clients. 

At the start of the COVID pandemic, no one knew how it would affect the custom electronics industry. However, after the first few weeks of the outbreak, it was clear that the demand for our clients’ services was skyrocketing. In turn, demand for our placement and consulting increased exponentially. Even as a full-time search and placement company, the ability to find quality staff became increasingly difficult as people in our industry were working more than ever and unable to find the time to look for new employment opportunities. At the same time, many of our clients were experiencing meteoric growth, thus requesting more consulting and advising to help manage this change.

As the placement side of our business continued to become more challenging and consulting continued to grow, our business came to a crossroads where we either invested further in the business to continue growing the consulting and placement or join forces with our largest consulting client. Ultimately, we chose the latter.  

We truly want to thank all our clients, candidates and industry colleagues. At times we were far from perfect, yet you never stopped supporting us over these last several years. It was great to see how many of our clients improved their own recruitment efforts through the course of working with HD Staffing. 

If you have any open items or specific questions for HD staffing, please email Tres at